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Barlow Lane (site of former St Lawrence’s Church)


Barlow Land is a predominantly residential road linking to the busy retail areas of the A59 Walton Road / County Road, approximately 100m to the east of the subject plot. The immediate area comprises mostly Edwardian bay-fronted terraced houses and modern residential developments that replaced Victorian terraces.


The property is a gently sloping plot of 1,036 sqm, lying with access / frontages to Barlow Lane and Back Barlow Lane and houses to either side. At 19.5 the main frontage is narrow relative to the size of the plot There are a number of mature trees and shrubs close to the site boundaries.

Site Area

The plot is of an irregular shape. It measures some 1,036 sqm (0.104 ha)


Freehold held by LCC under Land Registry Title no. MS198422. The freehold is subject to restrictive covenants made by The Church Commissioners for England, which states: “not to use the said property or any part thereof for any purpose other than as a garden, parkland or public open space”. LCC has consent to lift the covenant, subject to payment of a premium based upon the sale price. Therefore, lifting of the covenant will be initiated immediately upon signing of an agreement to lease by the purchaser/developer. 









Interested parties must make their own planning enquiries. 

Viewing Arrangements